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    Tuesday, 04. December 2018

    MENSHEN is agile & fast

    HENKEL gives MENSHEN an outstanding testimonial

    There are some days you would welcome more of. After all, what could be nicer than getting a surprise award? For more than 45 years, MENSHEN have been producing the closures for numerous HENKEL products. And during this time, we have continuously grown with this international organization with headquarters in Düsseldorf. Brands such as Persil, Fa, Gliss Kur or Perwoll are kept tightly closed with plastic closures made by MENSHEN. Just being able to accompany such an internationally active, well-known organization over the decades is already a distinction that signifies the quality of MENSHEN products and services. A few years ago, exceptionally reliable and efficient partner companies were nominated by HENKEL as their “Partners of Choice”. In the “rigid plastics” sector, only 15 companies from the plastic injection molding and plastic blow-molding industry worldwide had this honor. And MENSHEN was and is one of them. But that’s not all by far. Of these 15 globally located companies, the inter-divisional and transnational business units of HENKEL determined the four winners in each of four different categories. And the best thing: MENSHEN was the winner in one of these categories. In the “Agility & Speed” segment, MENSHEN was acclaimed by HENKEL as their leading partner, thus highlighting the energy, the fast response time and the agility of the MENSHEN team. A distinction we are proud of and one that motivates us to continue giving our best.

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