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    Wednesday, 02. September 2015

    MENSHEN wins the PackTheFuture Award 2015

    one2dose best in consumer benefits category

    Following its successful launch last year, the PackTheFuture Award 2015 has now taken place for the second time. From around 60 packaging innovations in plastic that were submitted, the “one2dose” dosing system by MENSHEN took 1st place in the consumer benefits category.

    The innovation submitted by MENSHEN contributes to the visual and in particular to the functional upgrade of the overall packing unit. The pack stands out on the sales shelf thanks to its closure. In addition, it achieves added value as a result of its functionality and this has a positive influence on the purchaser’s decision to buy. Exact dosing is necessary or desirable for a variety of reasons: incorrect dosage could unintentionally alter the properties of the product. Over-dosage costs money and is also an unnecessary burden on the environment. In Germany alone, the amount of detergents and cleaners that are wasted due to overdosing adds up to around 165,000 tons. With “one2dose”, it is consequently possible to make an active contribution towards environmental protection.  

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