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    MENSHEN Blog

    MENSHEN is one of the leading manufacturers in the packaging industry and due to our experience we know: the packaging industry is under constant change. Again and again we face new challenges, exciting market developments and interesting questions around the subject of packaging systems.

    In our MENSHEN blog we want to deal with the most important questions, topics and trends. But we do not just want to inform, but to talk to you and perhaps also to lead one or the other discussion. We hope you will enjoy our new corporate blog and are looking forward to your feedback!

    Das FGoto zeigt eine Spritzgiessmaschine

    English version

    ...will be available on May, 2nd 2018 ...read more

    Das Bild zeigt zwei kindersichere Verschlüsse

    For Grandma, Grandpa, Tim and Lena

    It all began sometime in the 1970s or thereabouts. A detergent manufacturer had the idea of providing his products with a closure that couldn’t easily be opened by children. The reason behind this was that his cleaning agents often smelled so delicious and were so colorful that especially small children were tempted to take a big mouthful. And that could and can still have disastrous results. ...read more

    Das Bild zeigt ein fahrerloses Transportsystem

    Running like clockwork

    Isn’t something missing there? This or something similar is usually the initial reaction upon encountering a driverless transport system (DTS) for the first time. “Er, a what?”, is generally the next question asked. The DTS can actually be explained quite simply and quickly: a sort of pallet truck or lift truck drives to a specific place in a production hall where it picks up pallets with finished goods and then brings them to the dispatch area. ...read more

    Das Foto zeigt Beutelverpackungen
    Beutelverpackungen erfreuen sich zunehmender Beliebtheit

    Flexibility's in demand

    Recently at the supermarket: Strolling through the aisles, it really hit me how differently the various products are packed – the range of options is really impressive and interesting. We have already reported in detail on the actual usefulness of packaging. Bottles, tubes, jars, tubs or, as here, pouches – the types of packaging are as diverse as the products that are worth protecting. And, in many cases, the packaging has a closure – more often than not one made by MENSHEN. ...read more

    The thing with the coffee capsule - Aluminum or plastic

    On the coffee market, there are currently fascinating, remarkable things going on – in the true sense of the word. Germany is traditionally a country of coffee drinkers. In 2016, the average amount of coffee consumed by each German was 162 liters (in comparison: 104 liters of beer, 148 liters of mineral water). And all this coffee is drunk in a variety of different ways: 86 per cent prefer ground filter coffee and whole coffee beans for fully automatic coffee machines. The remainder favor the practical, convenient way of making coffee with pads or coffee capsules made of plastic and aluminum. And these coffee capsules are our topic for today. ...read more

    Packaging Matters

    Today we are starting our brand-new blog on Packaging. Although this doesn’t actually mean we have reinvented the wheel, we want to take advantage of the digital media options available to provide fast, uncomplicated, interesting information on topics, innovations and products from the packaging industry. For us, it is just as important to receive prompt, straightforward comments, tips, opinions, praise and criticism on these very topics. Perhaps we’ll even manage to set up one or the other discussion on all and any aspects of packaging, and to profit from each other in this way. ...read more