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    MENSHEN is one of the leading manufacturers in the packaging industry and due to our experience we know: the packaging industry is under constant change. Again and again we face new challenges, exciting market developments and interesting questions around the subject of packaging systems.

    In our MENSHEN blog we want to deal with the most important questions, topics and trends. But we do not just want to inform, but to talk to you and perhaps also to lead one or the other discussion. We hope you will enjoy our new corporate blog and are looking forward to your feedback!

    Anything but spongy

    The English version will be available from August, 21st 2019. ...read more

    Heat from inside - good for the environment

    First, a quiz question: What everyday things were once – in the 1970s, for instance – packed in plastic bags? The right answer is …. practically nothing, with the exception of a few fruit juices. But if you go through a supermarket with alert eyes nowadays and look at the shelves, you will see that plastic pouches have taken over in many segments for packing sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise, fruit purees, yoghurts, baby food, all sorts of beverages, rice, sugar, washing lotion, soap, shampoo, detergent, motor oil, windscreen cleaner, even gypsum plaster. And these are only a few examples of the many products that are filled into pouches. The pouch is on the advance and has meanwhile gained immense significance as a packaging. ...read more

    Sustainably dosed to protect the environment

    Almost everyone knows the situation: when the aim is to clean, preserve, enhance or otherwise alter or process something, most People assume per se that a satisfactory result can only be achieved by using plenty of the active substance, the paint or the detergent. True to the Motto: "the more, the better". ...read more

    Auf dem Bild ist eine Geschirrspülmaschine zu sehen

    A clean solution - the MENSHEN wax closure

    In a way, it is more or less an everyday topic for all of us: washing up. You open the dishwasher, put the dirty dishes in, close the door. And you do this a few more times until the machine is full. After that, detergent in powder or tab form is put into the flap provided and the dishwasher is switched on. And after an hour or two – depending on the program setting, the number of dishes and the degree of soiling and/or leftovers – hey presto, the once dirty dishes, silverware and glasses are clean again. ...read more

    From old to new

    Ever since packaging has existed, there have been disputes about its usefulness. And about the possibility to not only carelessly discard the packing material after use, but to reuse it once or even several times. The fact that packaging is vital to the various products, protecting them and preserving their value and, in some cases, even contributing towards reducing the CO2 output, can be read in my first blog of January 30. ...read more

    Well trained at "Training Organization of Excellence"

    In some way or other, we have all either gone through the decision-making process or it is lying ahead of us. Because, at a certain time in life, practically everyone is faced with the question whether to start an occupation that requires training or to study and take up a profession. For the former, this decision has to be taken at an earlier age, whereas the latter means embarking on a career much later. The one finishes his school education with a diploma after 10th grade at the age of around 16, whereas the other aims at graduating from high school before commencing university studies or professional training. ...read more

    Das Bild zeigt einen Ventilverschluss in einer Hand

    Valves aren't just for tires

    It's a balmy summer evening on the patio or in the garden, or perhaps with friends in the park or on the beach. Perfectly rounded off with a juicy steak or sausage from the barbeque topped with tasty mustard or a tangy sauce. So far, a temting, mouth-watering idea. ...read more

    Das FGoto zeigt eine Spritzgiessmaschine

    Getting plastic into shape

    Now that some of the special features of closures and packaging units have already been presented, the question arises: how are the plastic parts actually manufactured? What we mean is of course the process referred to as injection molding, in our specific case for producing plastic closures and packaging components. ...read more

    Das Bild zeigt zwei kindersichere Verschlüsse

    For Grandma, Grandpa, Tim and Lena

    It all began sometime in the 1970s or thereabouts. A detergent manufacturer had the idea of providing his products with a closure that couldn’t easily be opened by children. The reason behind this was that his cleaning agents often smelled so delicious and were so colorful that especially small children were tempted to take a big mouthful. And that could and can still have disastrous results. ...read more

    Das Bild zeigt ein fahrerloses Transportsystem

    Running like clockwork

    Isn’t something missing there? This or something similar is usually the initial reaction upon encountering a driverless transport system (DTS) for the first time. “Er, a what?”, is generally the next question asked. The DTS can actually be explained quite simply and quickly: a sort of pallet truck or lift truck drives to a specific place in a production hall where it picks up pallets with finished goods and then brings them to the dispatch area. ...read more