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    Coffee Capsules

    The market for coffee products is growing at a breakneck pace, and more and more households are making use of preparation methods that use capsules or pads. MENSHEN recognized this trend very early on and has already glimpsed beyond the “horizon” of closures, which is demonstrated by the expertise in the coffee industry. Renowned coffee producers trust the quality and reliability of MENSHEN for the development and production of various coffee capsules, strainer inserts, and components for a wide array of systems of coffee preparation.

    MENSHEN Product Finder

    Using the MENSHEN product finder, you can look specifically for closure solutions from our product line.



    Neuer Geschäftsstellenleiter zu Besuch in Finnentrop

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    Bundesregierung würdigt das Engagement von MENSHEN

    MENSHEN erhält Urkunde "Initiative Energieeffizienz-Netzwerke"

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    Neue Halle in Plettenberg-Kahley

    MENSHEN investiert weiter in deutsche Standorte

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    MENSHEN erklärt den Wert von Kunststoffverpackungen (Kopie 1)

    Kunststoffe mit mehr Wert

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