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    Diversity in batch production.

    Compelling designs, optimal functionality, and individual solutions – MENSHEN products open up a world where customer requirements always come first. Take advantage of the years of experience and comprehensive expertise of our employees. MENSHEN products offer you a wide variety at the highest quality. Be it individual coloring, tamper-evident closures, childproof lids, or gas release – the choice is yours!

    Discover our attractive product range in the MENSHEN product finder, and choose from a range of closures for pouches, tubes, and bottles.

    MENSHEN Product Finder

    Using the MENSHEN product finder, you can look specifically for closure solutions from our product line.



    Neuer Geschäftsstellenleiter zu Besuch in Finnentrop

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    Bundesregierung würdigt das Engagement von MENSHEN

    MENSHEN erhält Urkunde "Initiative Energieeffizienz-Netzwerke"

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