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    Diversity in batch production.

    Compelling designs, optimal functionality, and individual solutions – MENSHEN products open up a world where customer requirements always come first. Take advantage of the years of experience and comprehensive expertise of our employees. MENSHEN products offer you a wide variety at the highest quality. Be it individual coloring, tamper-evident closures, childproof lids, or gas release – the choice is yours!

    Discover our attractive product range in the MENSHEN product finder, and choose from a range of closures for pouches, tubes, and bottles.

    MENSHEN Product Finder

    Using the MENSHEN product finder, you can look specifically for closure solutions from our product line.


    MENSHEN ist agil & schnell

    HENKEL stellt MENSHEN hervorragendes Zeugnis aus

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    MENSHEN ist weltweiter Marktführer von Kunststoffverschlüssen und Systemverpackungen

    IHKs aus Arnsberg, Hagen und Siegen zeichnen Weltmarktführer aus Südwestfalen aus

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