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    Sustainability, environmental protection and recycling - MENSHEN is active!

    Environmental protection, sustainability and recycling are ongoing issues and concern us all. The fact that recyclable materials such as plastics should not be thrown away carelessly is almost universally known in the industrial nations and is also more or less implemented there. Unfortunately, not in all regions of this earth.

    MENSHEN has been involved in various activities in sustainability and environmental protection for a long time. Find out how MENSHEN helps to save resources and the environment.


    • Implementation of "Recycling & Recyclates" department and staffing with professionals
    • More than 50 different recyclates and compounds have been tested in recent months
    • Utilization of different compounds of post consumer recyclates (PCR)
    • Our ambitious target: At least 25% of all articles are to be made from recyclates until 2022
    • Articles with a Recycling share of 100% and 25% are already running in our serial production


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