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As a global company, MENSHEN makes use of sustainable business opportunities so it can con- tinue to offer a broad product range in the future. The development and production of age-appropriate closure solutions such as swallow-proof closures and childproof and senior-friendly applications are prioritized. Since the best products need the best ­employees, we make it our mission at MENSHEN to secure the skilled personnel that we need.The opportunity to undertake a dual-study program, a compre- hensive training and continued-training program, English language lessons, and regular training make MENSHEN an attractive employer and training provider. Employee exchange programs are also offered within the global MENSHEN Group. Thanks to a varied range of development collab- orations with customers, research facilities, and inventors, we increasingly find new and innovative ideas with which MENSHEN regularly ­participates in a wide range of prestigious packaging compe- titions. Of course, we are also always working to continuously improve customer communication and to provide supporting, attractive forms of media such as surveys, press releases, newsletters, and mailings. Because our contribution counts. 100 % der Mitarbeiter haben Anspruch auf regelmäßige Schulungen of staff is entitled to regular training konnte MENSHEN das duale Studium „Produktionstechnik“ anbieten MENSHEN offers a dual-study program in production technology 010 2013 Zertifizierung zum ausgezeichneten Ausbildungsbetrieb 2013 certification for excellent training company