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    mercredi, 23. mars 2016

    Initiative "Zero Pellet Loss"

    MENSHEN certified in the name of environmental protection

    All over the world, associations and plastics processing companies are participating in the “Zero Pellet Loss” initiative to prevent plastic pellets from getting lost along the supply chain. Studies on the issue of plastic waste have shown that even small quantities of plastic resin get into the water system, thus reaching the oceans where - together with numerous other elements - they lead to enormous accumulations of waste, known as marine litter. The amount of marine litter is currently estimated at 100 million tons and a large part of it is plastic. The plastics associations worldwide have assumed responsibility in this respect and are appealing to plastics processing companies to take part in the “Zero Pellet Loss” initiative. MENSHEN are participating in this initiative as a matter of course and can confirm in the form of a self-declaration that

    ·         the necessary technical and organizational conditions are in place to prevent plastic pellet spills and ensure that, even if granules are spilled, they cannot reach the environment; 

    ·         employees are trained to avoid spills of plastic granules and, if necessary, to effectively remedy them;

    ·          the effectiveness of these measures is reviewed on a regular basis.


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